Lakin Grasshopper (Melanoplus lakinus)

Lakin Grasshopper (Melanoplus lakinus)

Lakin Grasshopper (Melanoplus lakinus)
A pair of mating Lakin Grasshoppers (Melanoplus lakinus) at Barr Lake State Park, Colorado, USA. July 15, 2012.

I was a bit puzzled by this pair of mating grasshoppers at Barr Lake State Park–neither seemed to have full-sized wings, but I was fairly sure grasshopper nymphs are not capable of mating.

David J. Ferguson at BugGuide kindly identified them for me as Lakin Grasshoppers (Melanoplus lakinus), a species of short-winged grasshoppers. Many adults of this species do not have full-sized wings, and hence cannot fly, although some do have fully-developed functional wings.


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